You have been directed to this page as you are interested in having a coil fitted. Before we can fit your coil we want you to read this page carefully and watch the embedded video. It is important that you have understood the information here. We will only be able to fit your coil if we feel it is safe to do so and you have followed the instruction here.

Please look at the checklist at the bottom to ensure you have completed all relevant actions


Please watch this video to understand more about the process of fitting a coil and what you need to do to prepare for this procedure.

Types of coil

There are two types of coil -  the intrauterine device (IUD Link) and the intrauterine system (IUS link). They are both small T-shaped devices which are fitted into your uterus (womb) and work as contraception for a number of years. Have a look at the information about both types of coil to guide you to which coil you prefer. We will discuss at your coil assessment which type is best for you.

Check for STI’s

Before having a coil fitted it is really important that you have been screened for STI’s as having an STI when a coil is fitted can be harmful to you. 

We need you to have been screened for STI’s within the last 3 months. If you have had a new partner within the last 3 months you will need to screen again. You can order a kit to be delivered to your home here

We will not fit a coil unless you have the results of STI screening. 

Contraception before coil fitting

To safely and legally fit a coil it is essential that there is no risk of pregnancy. To ensure that we can safely fit your coil you must use a reliable method of contraception until your coil is fitted. NB condoms are not a reliable contraceptive method due to their high failure rate. If you need a form of oral contraception to take whilst waiting for your coil to be fitted please call 0333 300 2100 to book an appointment.

If you do not want to take an oral contraceptive pill please do NOT have sex from the first day of period until your coil is fitted. Or NO SEX for at least 3 weeks before the appointment so we can do an accurate pregnancy test.

Important information for the day of the coil fit

  • If you are on your period we can still fit your coil so please attend your scheduled appointment
  • Please do not bring small children or babies to your appointment
  • Please take over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen and eat a snack half an hour before your appointment
  • We may need a urine sample on arrival at your appointment for IUD/IUS fit 

When we can’t fit a coil

We are a contraception service and only fit IUS for contraception purposes. Therefore we are unable to fit IUS as part of HRT or for treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding

We do not change the IUD or IUS earlier than their expiry date. 

If either of these issues applies to you, please call and cancel your coil assessment as we will not be able to fit your coil.


Please confirm that you have:

  • Watched the video
  • Arranged contraception or chosen to have abstained from sex as advised
  • Have results of STI screening or have ordered a home test kit today
  • Read all sections above